Step into a Smarter Wellness Experience: Introducing Our AI-Powered Nutrition App for Android

This innovative application redefines how we approach nutrition, seamlessly blending the convenience of a mobile interface with the intelligence of AI algorithms. Tailored to cater to individual health goals, physical conditions, and sport performance aspirations, our app goes beyond traditional dietary tracking. Utilizing AI, it analyzes user data to provide personalized nutrition insights, recommends tailored meal plans, and adapts dynamically to your evolving needs. From real-time nutritional guidance to intuitive meal suggestions, this app is your virtual nutritionist, offering a smart and accessible solution for those who aspire to optimize their well-being, physical vitality, and athletic achievements.

Enjoy NutriiA, your new Fitness and Health Coach! Using it, you will:​

  • Select your objective and get your free personalized plan
  • Book appointments with your personal coach
  • Have access to nutrition, intakes and health information
  • Get personalized training material
Dowload NutriiA

Immediate getting started

​The application is operational as soon as it is installed, and the setting parameters are minimal and intuitive.


  • Localization: NutriiA is available in French and English languages  
  • Supported versions: Android 8.x, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
  • AI module: chatGPT 4.0